Partnership Points

The products you’re already buying can pay for the technology your operation needs.

We all know technology can improve efficiency and maximize budgets. Problem is, there’s no room in your budget to acquire the technology. Our solution is to reward your purchases with an accruing points system. Every time you buy products, your point totals grow. It’s called Partnership Points, and it’s a creative way to gain all of the budget-maximizing, efficiency-enhancing power that the new technology delivers with little or no out-of-pocket expense.

We understand that every operation is unique, with varying needs based on size, budgets, region, length of season and so on. That’s why maximizing the benefit of Partnership Points is simple and covers nearly every product you’re already buying.

Say your golf operation was interested in the labor-management application taskTracker. Partnership Points gives you a number of ways to fund some or all of the cost of acquisition.

Accrue points, get cool tech.

Browse our Benefit Guide to get a sense of the Partnership Point values associated with the products you’re already buying. In some cases you may choose to remain with your branded product which carry a lower Partnership Point value. Or, you may want to accelerate your Points accrual in order to acquire desired technology faster. In that case, go with generic and SynaTek products which carry higher values.

Partnership Points