About Us

Look to our tag line — People powered. Solutions driven. — to know SynaTek Solutions.

At the end of the day, the only sustainable competitive advantage any company will ever achieve will be based upon the character and caliber of its people. Good ideas come and go, but it’s our people who provide the lasting value. We will always put what is right at a human level ahead of what is the best decision for the bottom line.

Being solutions driven is how we bring value to every relationship. Manufacturing and selling products are functions of our primary purpose: Striving to solve problems that our customers may not even know they have. Digging in and understanding our customers’ needs drives our cycle of innovation. We can’t bring lasting value by just being the least expensive. We believe enduring value happens when our solutions grow our customers’ businesses and improve their operation.

Improving our environment has increasingly become a core focus of our company. Across the industry segments we serve — golf, landscape, ice melt — we are working hard to solve the challenges facing our customers with an eye on improving our water, our soil and our shared future.

Our vision is to positively impact every business owner, employee and family in the environments they work, play and live by providing every day products that are safe, effective and environmentally focused and technologies that create operational efficiencies and maximize revenue.

What we believe in …


The only sustainable competitive advantage a company will ever achieve is based upon the caliber and character of the people it is blessed to employ.


Vision without execution is hallucination.


Our present is built upon the pieces of our past.