Game changing golf maintenance solutions.

Early on, we recognized the value of technology’s role in accelerating the growth of our customers’ businesses. Out of this realization Ecotronics® became the equipment technology arm of SynaTek Solutions. Control panels that manage the injection of nutrients and water quality amendments through irrigation became our first offering. Over the years a suite of products has grown under the Ecotronics® umbrella — mix transfer systems, labor management software, equipment advances … with exciting developments on the horizon.

Injection Control Panel

The latest in advanced control panels, the ECO6 features a 10-inch, touch screen for easily inputting usage and control settings.

Mix Transfer System

Technology takes the heat off your fairway spray applications with the ultimate in efficiency and consistency — the Ecotronics Mix Transfer System.

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Task Tracker

Labor consumes 50% to 60% of your budget. Where’s the money going? taskTracker digital work board effortlessly manages your teams.

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