Technologies for a regenerative future.

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More than a supplier, a new voice for golf’s growth.

Every budget has the power to do more with SynaTek’s suite of solutions.

With most maintenance budgets shrinking and expectations from owners and members growing, superintendents need another kind of supplier. SynaTek innovates turf products, technologies and transactional programs that conform to today’s budgets while improving the overall health and efficiency of golf operations.

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All the Products

In addition to our own formulations, our distribution company SynaTek Reach represents the industry’s leading brands.

Cost-Saving Technology

Our irrigation and labor control innovations reduce inputs, lower overhead and maximize efficiency.

Partnership Points

Access new technology at little or no cost by leveraging credits for products you’re already buying.

Products and partnerships that are a cut above.

For top-notch turf, nobody’s suite of solutions is deeper.

Whether for athletics, curb appeal or property values, healthy turf matters. So does the safety of guests, coworkers and family. With all of that to consider, turn to the company whose range of products and brands are right for any budget.

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SynaTek focuses on understanding your needs and concerns, which leads to the right solution for every customer.

Manufacturers Advantage

More than just a distributor, SynaTek Solutions designs and produces a range of products to address customer needs.

All The Products

In addition to our own formulations, our distribution company SynaTek Reach represents the industry’s leading brands.

A nourishing spirit for more than 150 years.

Our partnerships feed the needs of farmers large and small.

SynaTek’s roots in agriculture go back to the mid 1860s when Moyer & Sons supplied the needs of farmers around Philadelphia. Today, our strategic partnerships continue to serve the evolving challenges facing today’s food growers.

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Decision Support

We provide relevant, local facts which our customers can use to make profitable decisions for their unique operations.


Our partner provides field by field customized plant nutrition, highly efficient fertilizers and crop protection products.

Footprint Management

Our hard working and knowledgeable team of professionals supports you from beginning to end.

Specialists in winning the cold war.

A full slate of products to keep walkways safe and clear.

When winter strikes, clearing the ice quickly and safely is paramount for businesses and homeowners. Find the product suited to your needs right here, including Entry, the chloride-free de-icer that’s safe for family, pets and the environment.

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Our commitment to understanding the end users’ needs drives our persistent pursuit of innovation.


Through our own manufacturing and third party agreements, we offer a breadth of product solutions across North America.


Our relationships with 3PL companies mean warehousing and transportation when and where you need it.

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