Secure Winter Products

Secure Winter Products is clearing the way with innovation.

Whenever winter weather strikes and leaves behind icy surfaces, we must weigh two critical issues: How do we keep people safe while also minimizing environmental impact? At Secure Winter Products, our answer is by innovating ice melt technologies that balance the demands of human safety with an awareness of the impact these products can have on the environment. We are continually refining existing products while exploring, testing and formulating new technologies.

The result? You can trust Secure Winter Products as your number one source for dependable and innovative ice melt solutions.

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Solutions engineered to prevent slippery situations.

  • Entry®

    Building owners and facility managers love Entry® — the first 100% CHLORIDE-FREE de-icer that doesn’t track indoors. Entry outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost.

  • Alpha Melt™

    Alpha Melt® is a high performing granular sodium chloride-based deicer that is enhanced with the chloride-free and snow melting benefits of Entry® as well as the superior ice pack penetration and elimination benefits of Secure® 94.

  • Ally™ G

    Ally® G is a superior performing granular blend of chloride salts that is powered by a consortium of our top performing ice melt technologies including Entry® Chloride-Free, Secure® 94 and POD Deicing Technology.

  • Response

    Secure® Response is a granular sodium chloride-based deicer that is enhanced with Magnify. Magnify is designed to lower refreeze temperature, reduce corrosion to metals as well as damage to plants and concrete when compared to rock salt.

  • Secure 94™

    Secure® 94 is powered by an ultra-pure formulation of calcium chloride pellets which drives faster melting speeds through thick ice pack and prevention of refreeze to temperatures lower than any other chloride-based ice melt on the market.