The Winner of the ISSA Innovation of the Year Award is….Entry®

Entry® lets facility managers protect the floors and eliminate the mess of chloride salts during snow and ice events. Entry® is the 2019 winner of the prestigious ISSA Innovation of the Year Award.

The first 100% chloride free de-icer with a near neutral pH that does not track indoors. Entry® quickly clears ice and snow from sidewalks to protect against slips and falls.

Entry® outperforms granular chloride salts at no additional cost.

As the first and only Green Seal® Certified ice-melt on the market, Entry® is safer for floors, pets, plants, concrete, and metals. It also protects local streams from the overuse of harmful chloride de-icers.

Entry® is safer, keeps buildings cleaner, and protects the floors to save money.

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